Monday, January 02, 2006

Celebrating being me

That title sounds rather conceited, doesn't it? School is back in session, and all of the holiday guests are back at their homes. That leaves me here all alone in my house, a glorious predicament. I am a social loner. Living in the country like a hermit is something I could never do. Being around people, watching them walk down the road carrying on with their lives is very satisfying to me. Knowing at any moment I could leave my house walk only a block or two and find people I know well enough to have long conversations with is a very important part of my life. Over the holidays the constant flow of people in and out is great fun. Ah,but when it is over and I have a whole day to be alone, that is like a great sigh.

I am sipping a glass of Champaign. Steaks that have been marinated for a couple of days are coming to room temperature on the counter. Next to the steaks my arch nemesis, a glass of red wine, is breathing, begging me to like it this time. Wine has never been a favorite drink of mine. After reading several books on the subject and having a few knowledgeable friends guide me threw a few tastings I have found a couple of whites and blushes that I enjoy. Red wine though has made me question the combined wisdom of centuries of wine drinkers.

Today though is a day when I stepped out of a long shower, looked in the mirror and liked the naked body I saw. Today is a day of finishing a great book, sleeping in, talking on the phone. Today over medium rare steak and after hours of breathing in the glass, wine and I will meet again. Who knows, I may set it aside and use it as an ingredient in supper, or I may enjoy drinking the whole glass. On a day when I heat up the grill to cook a steak dinner for which I am the only guest, trying something new will be another part of the celebration.

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