Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Please, no more dough.

Due to a measuring mishap, I ended up with a huge pile of doughnut dough last night. Over thirty cups of flour were used! I started out frying them, but by late morning switching to baking seemed like a better idea. It was, not only was my pile shrinking faster, the smell of grease had a chance to clear out of my kitchen. They rose too much for kolaches, I could not get the indention to stay in the middle. Since my oven was still hot I pulled out the cookie dough that was in the fridge and made sugar cookies. It looks like a bake sale exploded in my kitchen.

My life is usually not very structured at all. I like it that way. It feels odd looking back at the last few weeks and seeing how much scheduling I've been doing. Today a friend called and told me where to show up in my swimming suit at 5:30 to have a few glasses of wine. After leaving the job she called me at and going to my other part time another phone call came, this one telling me two kids would be arriving at my house that evening, one of them sick. I showed up a little late for the wine, but managed to fit it in. I have to keep my priorities straight.

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