Tuesday, December 13, 2005

I am getting out of town today. Yeah Christmas parties and shopping. That should be changed to holiday parties just because this whole 'war on Christmas' crap is getting on my nerves, both sides. The good part is that is gives us moderate citizens something to laugh at.

A guy told me he could not take off of work for Christmas because that is a religious holiday and that their business does not recognize religious holidays. If this is true it is the first example any actual infringements. A store substituting the word holiday for Christmas is not an infringement on my rights as a Christian. Who cares if they are trying to market to non-specific holidays? I am more concerned that they keep rearranging the shelves so my shopping trips take longer than they should.

I have heard people say they get offended when a clerk greets them with "Merry Christmas". WTF? When I fully intend to have a crappy day and a clerk says "Have a nice day" should it bother me? These people have to deal with hundreds of people in the course of their day. I would not be surprised if they greeted half of us with "f#ck off". Honestly most of the people who celebrate Christmas aren't Christians. It is really more of a secular holiday now.

I didn't grow up in a Christian home and we loved Christmas. If you would have asked me back then what Christmas was about I would have answered spending time with family, giving and receiving. If you asked me now as an adult Christian I would give the same answer.

The whole right running off about a war on Christmas is even worse. How hard will these idiots look to find a reason to feel persecuted. The worst part is that fear is such a great marketing tool that most preachers are preaching this now on Sunday. One more week of it and I may walk out in the middle of the sermon.

It must be the time of year I seem to be full or rants lately.

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