Monday, December 12, 2005

Information is not the enemy

Ironically, after my post yesterday the school my son attends gave its human growth and sexuality course today. When I asked what he learned he said that we MUST choose abstinence, condoms do not work, homosexuals are the cause of aids, and birth control must not exist because it was never mentioned. The smirk with which he said this led me to believe that he doesn't put faith in a program that even kids could tell was biased and full of shit.

Communication has never been a bad tool for making decisions. So why are we trying to send a message that talking about choices we don't want them to make is a bad idea. I love that so many inappropriate things are shown on the television shows we watch. It brings things up in conversation I never would have brought up on my own. When characters do something I don't agree with instead of jumping to change the channel I wait for a commercial to point out the negative results of their actions. I am not saying I am a perfect parent, believe me I've made a vast number of mistakes, and will probably make many more. I just wonder what the powers that be would think of the fact that even with all the 'corruptive information' my children have been exposed to they are not wild. They are actually very mature for their ages and have refrained from much of the destructive behavior many of their peers are involved in.

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