Thursday, December 08, 2005

Can it really be this easy?

I wish I was a geek, but sadly am not. Last night in the shower, which is when I do most of my thinking, I decided I needed a place to sort through my thoughts. I keep a journal but it is mostly rants or silly thoughts, not quite the format I was looking for. Also, I have privacy issues, anything I write in my own home, on paper, I guard with my life for fear of somebody finding and reading my thoughts. A blog came to mind, but really I did not have the slightest idea how to start.
To address the question of why a blog feels more private than a journal I will now explain. If people ever stumble across this blog, that is hidden in the endless fields of blogs out there, they will not know me and have ordinary conversations with me. It is these people who know me that I hide from, not random unknown readers. When I know the answer to why that is I will correct it and become a better person.
Back to my shower. I dismissed the idea of a blog because I did not know how and really don't have the time to learn any new skills. Today while reading the Croatian sensation I clicked on the start your own blog button. Can it really be this simple? Can I have a blog this soon, or will I suddenly realize I've made some mistake and all the known internets will now crash down around me. My head is starting to hurt. I need another shower, but do not have time. If I was a cleaner person and found more time to bathe maybe I could become the geek I dream of being.

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