Wednesday, January 18, 2006

My day

All five of the kids are now sleeping. Silence is a wonderful sound. I have not been on a walk all week, of course it is cold outside and I've had meetings every night this week, so I can't blame that on my expanded household. For the most part I have been really enjoying the change. Watching my boys interact with their younger cousins has been great. They are really patient and caring with them, I am a very proud parent right now. I have school board meetings again on Thursday and Friday, I need a night to just hang out. Oh, and a morning to sleep in, since I'm requesting things I can't have.

I dreamed that I was running around a church searching for a painkiller. I should have taken this for a bad sign. A horrible sinus headache has been hanging around all day. Despite this reason to just lay around I packed away all of my Christmas decorations today, rearranged my furniture and vacuumed. Why do I hate vacuuming so? I would rather clean the toilets. Tomorrow, maybe I will get around to cleaning my room.