Sunday, January 15, 2006


There are certain things parents of young children can expect to edit out of their daily life. Long walks, reading time, afternoon movies and drinks with neighbors, and long showers are a few of them. My children are old enough, the youngest is nine, that all of these things have been added back in. I love this phase of parenthood. We spend time playing and having long conversations every day, but still all have our own personal interests.
12:40 A.M. yesterday I get a call summoning me to Wichita. By 1:00 p.m. I am starting the four hour return trip. For once I am glad it is a long drive, I needed the time to contemplate the changes in my life now that I have a household of 5 children instead of 3. The new additions, which are only here for a 5 month period at this point, are 3 and 6. This could take some getting used to. I am really going to try and do this without editing out to much of my personal life this time around. I've become really attached to some parts. I love my nieces though and don't want to shortchange them in any way so we will have to see what happens.