Tuesday, January 03, 2006


When people who know me describe me the word cold comes up. In many ways they are right. Decisions should be made with the head, not the heart, or any other organ. Feelings should be held in or discussed privately, unless we are expressing our love of chocolate. While I am touchy as far as shaking hands or an occasional hug I prefer private displays of affection to public ones. So yes in many ways I am cold and think everybody should try it. Drama is overrated. Knowing me as a cold person most people would be shocked to know how many crushes I still get.

All kinds of crushes. Girl crushes, like the one I had on Rachel Ray for the longest time. I love watching her on t.v. because I can imagine us hanging out, cooking meals, and watching movies together. This type of crush is nice because the crush fades and your left liking this really neat person. O.k. here I am mostly talking about real people I know not television personalities.

Then there is your run of the mill crush on the opposite sex. Yes I still get these all the time. Somehow I thought I would grow out of them by now. I'm going to be a ninety year old woman someday who embarrasses her grown children by bringing dates home to thanksgiving. I wonder if crushes serve some purpose in our life and should be embraced or if they are a distraction that pulls us away from the important things in life.

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