Tuesday, January 24, 2006

My jobs

I sat in on an interview this evening. The man being interviewed talked about his love for education. One of the interesting points he made was the need for teachers to evaluate themselves everyday to see if they left the room better teachers than they walked into it. This got me thinking about my career, or actually the lack thereof. I have three part time jobs and several hobbies, which of these do I love? Two of my jobs I am just showing up for the paycheck. Neither of them are unpleasant, I just know I'm not trying to improve. If I thought I may have to switch to either of them full time and plan to spend the rest of my life showing up every day I might just give up. At my other job I am currently improving and putting a lot of thought into, but that is just because the place needs so much work. Once all of my projects are done I'll probably start watching the clock. Do I need a career? The day may come when I need to support myself. Even if it doesn't I can't imagine not having something to look back on as my life's work.

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