Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Slot machines and Nascar

"Once you go there and try it in person you'll be hooked." This has been said to me by both Gaming and Nascar fans. In neither case was it true. Honestly I tried. No sitting around complaining or sulking for me, I really tried and succeeded at enjoying myself. I just left both events knowing I would never choose to go back on my own.

I went to two different races, three if you count the Bush race. The first one, in Dallas, I even left my book in the car. I thought about taking it in just in case, but decided against it. I was reading The Kitchen God's Wife by Amy Tan and knew it would be too tempting to just read and not get into the race at all. After 100 laps, there were still 200 left to go, I made the long walk back to my car to get it. At Kansas City I just went ahead and carried Good in Bed by Jennifer Weiner in with me.

Slot machines were ok for the first half of an hour. I was putting in my money slowly, finishing my first amaretto sour and ordering another one. The problem is I am a thrifty person. We have a hand held video poker game at home that I play it for free as many times as I desire. I figured the five dollars in nickels that I had put into the slots was about right for two drinks so I went upstairs to read and relax. That was really my theme for the weekend, relax. I didn't wear any make up or tight fitting clothes. I just hung out and enjoyed being alone or laughing with friends.

Now that I'm home I don't care if I ever see another slot machine. I can't imagine paying to watch a wheel spin around as long a Wheel of Fortune is still on t.v.. I do believe I got my moneys worth out of the Casinos. Over a three day period I spent $25.00 on the slots. I received one slice of pizza, two hot dogs, two amaretto sours, four bloody marys, and four bottles of water. The trick I used was dropping my money in really slowly until I saw the drink person coming my way then I acted like a serious gambler until I placed my order. The only problem is now, back at home, when I'm playing video poker my family keeps ignoring my request for free drinks to be carried into the bathroom.

I put a $10 bill into a machine one evening and won $60 in nickels. I cashed out and stuck the money in my pocket. Then I decided to really get into the experience. I bought my friend and I each $15 in poker chips. We sat down and tried our luck at black jack. There was a $5 minimum bet. I played 5 hands and she played 6. All in all not a bad experience, but I can think of better things to spend $30 on.

To all of you Gaming lovers and Nascar fans I want you to know I'm not trying to trivialize your sports. I had fun and will probably go back to each of them someday if that is what everybody else wants to do. I just know that if I'm picking we will try something else.