Friday, January 27, 2006

I may sue

I have a legitimate reason to be angry with Nickelodeon. We, Curly Top and I, were watching T.V. this morning. I had missed The Daily Show last night and was plotting a way to watch it at ten this morning. Go, Diego, Go! was on. My plan was that when it was over I was going to quietly change the channel and hope she didn't remember what was on next. Five minutes before the show was over some goofy little thing came on and told her Blue's Clues was next. Foiled! It was time to come clean. After I turned it to Comedy Central I explained to her that I had missed a show I liked to watch last night and was going to watch it now. She was calm then on the first commercial she looked at me and said, "I had to go to bed and didn't get to watch cartoons last night."

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