Sunday, January 29, 2006

You know

You know those shiny Capri Sun foils that you can suck completely shut? I think my head is stuck inside of one. If you are a doctor please tell me when I can expect a kid to blow it full of air and pass it to a buddy. I had the flu weeks ago, as the symptoms were leaving they invited a head cold to hold there spot.

You know one of those sitcom moments when somebody does something ridiculous in front of hiding people, like their surprise party guests? I came very close to having one of those moments yesterday. Only this ridiculous thing would have been life altering. As in state of my marriage altering. Yikes! I'm still a little shaken by this.

You know when people use the phrase 'you know' entirely to often, so often it is a verbal tic? I hate that. I was talking to someone the other day who was getting very excited about the subject we were on and she used it three times in one incomplete sentence. I am so glad we were on the phone or my wincing would have really hurt her feelings.

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