Thursday, January 19, 2006

magic links and playing sick Reading this post made me wonder what I was getting myself into. Why do this thing that is taking up a bit of extra time? I seriously doubt anybody is reading, so why waste my time? Then I realized that if I wasn't typing this I would most likely be talking to myself. This is much more sane isn't it?

I am fairly impressed that I made that little link up there. I have been hanging around reading on the internet for years and have wondered about the magic of link making. These mysterious smart people who can tell me what I should read/look at and then show me the way. Now I have made one. I wont try it anywhere else yet, to risky. I hope it works.

My son was laying on my bed this morning completely dressed and ready for school. He suddenly smacked his forehead and said, "I forget, I was going to pretend to be sick today."
I was clear that there was no chance of him staying home. I laughed when he told me he was going to go the office later and tell them he was sick. In front of the school he jumped out of the back seat, but instead of going inside he hopped in the front passenger seat. "Come on Mom, I'm really sick. Feel me I have a fever." He gave me a charming smile, and believe me he is very charming. I kicked him out and went home.
I was babysitting my 5 month old niece today. She laid down for a nap as soon as we got home. I was so grateful I almost cried. Curly top, my 3 year old niece, who recently moved in with me, curled up in bed and went to sleep. I looked up and thanked God for this precious gift of a morning. I quickly closed my eyes and joined them. Thirty minutes later the phone rings.
It was the school secretary, my son was in the office sick. I started laughing and asked to talk to him. It was a nice try on his part, but I wasn't buying it. My eyes were closed before I even hung up.
Ten minutes later the phone rings again. Grade school secretary, my niece, Princess, Curly Top's sister, has had a nose bleed and needs some clothes. I hung up and did my best Chris Farley "For the love of God, let me sleep." I pouted for a couple of minutes before getting up. At the school I mentioned to the G.S. sec. That I was going to head over to the Jr. High since I was here anyway and check on my son. She mentioned she had seen him this morning and he looked sick.
One look at him and I knew he was still trying to fool me. He had managed to convince everybody else though so I'm sure at least a few people are wondering what kind of a monster I am. Tonight it came out that he had not finished an English assignment. I was a much luckier child, my mom believed me every time.

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