Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Suing Nickelodeon

Let's see if I can do this again. What are people thinking? Are they just looking for easy money? Somehow I think I could understand that more than people who honestly think this is a helpful idea.
Please somebody explain to them about informed decisions. If you can't say no to your children in the store get a babysitter and shut up. I rarely buy any cereal in a box. I have explained to my children that these companies want more of our money and use marketing to try and get it. I show them the price difference and tell them that the extra money is to pay for the box. They are kids, they still ask for boxes of cereal instead of bags. I'm the parent I say no.
If we can't even teach our children to say no to marketing how can we expect them to resist peer pressure? Now these kids have all the luck. They are under eight and have the buying power in their household. That would have so rocked.

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