Monday, January 23, 2006

Energy for life

I have nothing to say. This has been the case for the last few days. I was one of those mothers who sat down after sending her last child to school and tried to remember who I was and what I liked to do. I must say that over the last four years I have done a smashing job of answering those questions. Now my days are falling into a schedule of getting breakfast, getting lunch, reading pre-school books, getting snacks, getting supper, getting kids showered, and into bed. My youngest niece will be in kindergarten in two years. I may have them living with me that long, I hope so, I love them like my own. I guess what I am trying to decide is how much of myself to put aside for that amount of time. Of course if I can ever shake this cold, it is going on two weeks now, and get my energy back I may be able to handle it all.

The best part about having little ones again is watching how well my sons are responding to them. To clarify their relationship I must explain that from the time Princess was born until she was five they spent five to seven days a week at my house while their mother was in school and working full time. They moved away two years ago, greatly reducing the amount of time we see them. Now that they are back my boys get them drinks, help them tie their shoes, and read to them cheerfully. I have got more help than I expected without having to ask. Yesterday I let them each invite a friend over to play for the day. After a few hours of four little girls running through the house my oldest walked by me and said, "I'm going in my room to blow my brains out."
I had to remind him of the revolving door we had when he was a child. It was nothing to look in my living room and see five extra children playing. For all of my complaining that was really a fun time in my life. We are reading Ella Enchanted every night before bed, now that is a book the boys would never have picked. Don't tell anybody, but they are enjoying listening to it too.

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