Friday, March 02, 2007

Okay so I don't do Wednesdays

My voice is slowly coming back. Today I have a low throaty voice that I kind of wish would stick around. So for today when you read this you can hear it in Lauren Bacall sort of voice instead of the Mickey Mouse sort you normally should.
Curly top lost her first tooth last night. She reminded us of it every few minutes and everybody had to look at the tooth and admire the gap it came out of. All this talk about that tooth last night and the tooth fairy still almost forgot to stop by. Luckily my subconscious was aware of the problem and I dreamed about it early this morning. I woke five minutes before the alarm went off jumped up to beat the kids out of bed. Not that I really needed to run. It was one of those mornings when nobody wanted to get out of bed. Three out of five kids tried to fake sick. Lee didn't even have the decency to act sick. He just flat out asked if he could sleep for an hour or two and then go to school. Finally I managed to get them all out of the house while keeping Huggy bear asleep. My reward for that is a couple hours to myself.
I was looking over the activity calender last night and got flat out giddy. As of today my children have no sporting events for the next month. On top of that Girl Scout cookie sales ended yesterday. We have only three more deliveries and that is behind us for at least a year. March may now become my favorite month. I better enjoy every minute of it to because with April will come track, golf,and baseball. Don't get me wrong I love following around my kids and supporting them, but no parent in there right mind isn't ready for a break after a season where there were three different levels of basketball and two levels of scholars bowl all overlapping.
Now if I could just get a break from Wednesdays. I honestly have caught myself saying, "It must be Wednesday, I never could get the hang of Wednesdays." Two Wednesdays ago I knew I needed to go to the Economic development office to get Lee's passport. Why I went to the Extension Office I don't know. I do know that I felt pretty silly when they explained to me that they didn't do that here and I looked around to see where I was. Later that same day I drove the Awana bus as usual. This is something I do this almost every week and every week it is the same kids I pick up. I pulled up at a friends home to pick up their boys. This family has lived in the same house for almost a decade. Not only do I stop here every week, but I have been here for poker nights and cook outs and countless other reasons. So why was some other guy who I also know, sitting in their armchair playing with his kid and looking at me through their picture window? Just a few feet away from this window I paused and looked at him. Then it hit me, I was a house too far south. So I waved at this guy who looked very puzzled and walked next door to where I was supposed to be.
This last Wednesday I drove thirty miles to watch Jason compete in a Scholars bowl meet only to arrive after the award ceremony. I had checked the school's channel that morning to make sure of the location and am still not sure how the start time escaped my notice. That evening I parked the van at the church and left it running. I ran around to help the kids unload. When I tried to get back in the door the whole thing was locked up. Yeah, I need some help with Wednesdays.

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