Monday, March 26, 2007


The pickings were getting slim around here, so I gave in and went grocery shopping last night. There are only two things that we don't have here in rural Kansas that I really miss. One is water. I really wish there was a stream, river, lake, or some body of water that we could swim in and picnic around. The second is fresh fruit and vegetables. With shopping trips only scheduled every two weeks I can't buy enough to last. So we spend one week eating fresh veggies and the next on canned. If I am out of town and have the funds I pick up milk and produce, but it is more likely that I will just call my mom and have her pick me up milk on her way home. This is really a small complaint. Not having to deal with traffic on a daily basis is worth the sacrifice.
There are many advantages to shopping at night. One is the crowds are smaller. Two, I get to go alone because it is past the kid's bedtime.
On my way there I decided to stop by the book store. Just a quick look, I told myself. I wouldn't buy any, just browse a few minutes. Yeah right. I did manage to stick with the bargain shelves though. For fifteen dollars I picked up four books. Two fiction and two biographies. I also picked up the girls each a gardening set for their Easter presents, also on clearance, but not included in the fifteen dollars.
The problem with shopping at night is that it is late when get home and have to put up the groceries. It was because it was so late that I went to bed hungry last night. The Rec. is sponsoring a biggest loser competition in town. The four person team I am on consists of myself, Godiva, Miss Universe, and Cass*. I need to lose around twenty pounds by August. Since there is a cash prize involved I honestly believe bodily harm could occur if I don't succeed. I am no good at following a diet, since I love to cook and eat, so I decided to just make a few rules for myself and see how that goes for a month. One of the rules is no eating after ten. I didn't get home until eleven-thirty so even with all of this food in the house, I went hungry.

* I haven't mentioned Cass before. She is Godiva's best friend. Up until last month they ran a daycare together and spent most weekends and evening with their two families hanging out. Now Cass works in the mornings, but helps with the daycare in the afternoons. I honestly don't know how they can spend so much time together. I love all of my sisters, brothers, and friends, but after a couple days together I need a bit of a break. I thought this might be just one of my quirks until one day Miss Universe said, "I just don't get it, I even get tired of my husband if I have to spend two full days with him." My only reply was, "Amen sista"

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