Thursday, March 15, 2007

games, games, games

It is spring break time here. For the first few days of the week the weather has reflected the title. Today it has turned cool again. I won't complain though because the cool weather is perfect for sleeping in and then browsing the Internet with a cup of Earl Grey. Monday and Tuesday I had to work. So while the sun was warming up the town I was stuck in a dreary, nearly windowless office. The up side is that I finished the book I really haven't had time to read lately. Yesterday I spent as much time outside as possible. Frio Chica* and I went with my boys to the football field and played soccer. We seem to be on a game kick this week. For the last few evenings we have been playing cards. Last night we played Clue and Encore. My mom won at clue and Frio Chica and my mom won at Encore. I wasn't having a winning night. I remember when I was pregnant with Lee, it was reassuring to go to my mom's house and play games with her and my siblings. Now Frio Chica is pregnant with her first child and she seems to enjoy coming over and playing games with me and my children.
I started this post yesterday, but then the boys woke up and I needed to go to the office for an hour, so I never got back to it. Dh's dad is in the hospital with pneumonia. Years of smoking have left him with copd. Dh, Lee, and Lane went to Woodward last night to visit him. Jason and I stayed home since we are planning to go down weekend for his birthday. I think it may have hurt Dh's feelings that we didn't go with him. The two of us are so different in that respect. Whenever I go visit family, no matter how far away it is, I don't expect him to come. If he wants to that is great, but if not I really don't mind. He has canceled trips to Woodward just because I couldn't make them. He also calls a lot when he is out of town. I have to remind myself to call home once a day to check on the family. It is probably hard to be married to such a cold woman.
Jason called Frio Chica yesterday and asked her to come over. He wanted to play tennis, but we both vetoed the idea because of the cold. We played Rummy and Scrabble instead. We called my mom and had here pick up pizza when she got off work. Then we called her back and asked her to pick up ice cream and root beer also. None of us would have driven seventeen miles to get out of cooking, but since she was already out of town we would ask her to run our errands.

* I changed my baby sister's nickname. Originally I had called her the bitch, which I have no problem calling her person, but I could never bring myself to type it. It was harder than you might think to come up with another name for her. Immediately shrew came to mind because often it is used in place of bitch, but in the dictionary shrew and all of its synonyms suggested a hot temper and fiery personality. That is not her at all. Here is an example. On the night of her twenty-first birthday all of my sisters went with her to a bar. It was karaoke night. There was a goofy young man there who kept picking love songs and singing them to her. She did nothing to give him any encouragement. He spent most of his money and bought her a shot of something, and set it in front of her. He then picked up the mike and started to sing another love song to her while standing inches from her. She picked up the drink swiveled around in her chair and started talking to us, ignoring the boy singing to her. I was impressed because had it been me I would have felt obligated to listen to the song, then let the boy down gently, and offered to pay him back for my drink. Her way was much more effective, and really should women be obligated to be nice to a men who are showering them in attention they did not ask for.

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