Friday, March 23, 2007


Curly Top and I drove Frio Chica to the doctor the other day. We saw the baby and now we can stop pestering F.C. with girl names and focus solely on boy names. It is funny how much more real a pregnancy seems after the ultrasound. At one point Curly Top whispered to me and asked if the baby was naked. After I answered she looked shocked, then stated firmly that we would have to dress it when he came out.
On the way home, it is fifty-five miles to a baby doctor, we pulled over so that several emergency vehicles could pass us. a few miles later at our turn off we saw what the problem was. There had been a car/truck accident with both vehicles landing several yards out in a field. The car was on its wheels and the back end was banged up. It looked likely that there could have been survivors. The truck was lying on its top. The cab was so smashed in that I didn't see much chance of the driver making it out alive.
Frio Chica and I started talking about how scary it is to drive. Sometimes I will be driving along when the thought hits me that I am responsible for all of the lives in the car. Some days the risk we take by strapping our kids in and heading out astounds me. These a fears better pushed back and left alone though. Around here if a person doesn't drive their lives are very limited. This conversation soon led to another one and we were chatting casually and laughing less than ten minutes later. In the back of my mind a thought crossed about how odd it is how quickly we have returned back to our normal cheerful lives while just a few miles away other peoples lives were changed forever. I left that thought unspoken and at the back of my mind. We soon returned home and went on with the business of living.
My brother stopped by and ate supper with us. We had not seen much of him lately even though he does not live too far from here. He explained that he had been going through a bit of a depression and hadn't been getting out much. It was to the point that he thought about quitting both school and his job. I felt guilty because I haven't taken much time to call him or stop by lately.
While he was there Anna called me to say that A boy in Curly Top's class had died in a car accident that afternoon. Suddenly I recognized the red car out in the field. The mother had grown up in Rolla. She was around Drama Queen's age. Diego was her oldest son. She and both of her boys had went to the doctor and found out she was pregnant with twins. On the way home she had moved into the turning lane and stopped. I don't know why the truck was in the wrong lane and didn't see her car. I only know that some reason it was and it slammed into the back of the car.
Please send out good vibes, or prayers out to both the Garcia and Hernandez families.

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