Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Viruses suck

Last week our house was attacked by a nasty virus. One night I stayed up all night with Princess, the nest night with Jason, the next with Curly Top. I have changed more bedding than I can count and have done too many loads of laundry. By the third night I had a full blown chest cold and have lost my voice. On Saturday I came home from work once again and collapsed for a nap. I spent my whole weekend only getting up to do necessary things like cooking, dishes, laundry, and medicating the children then I went right back to my nap. Well to be honest I did a bit of reading too. My boys also spent large chunks of time coming in to lay in my bed and talk. At one point I looked up from my book and all five kids were sprawled about reading. Curly Top can't actually read yet, but she tells herself the funniest stories while looking at the pictures. Most of the symptoms are gone now. The stubborn cough is still hanging about some, and my voice has refused to return but other than that we are back to our daily lives.

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