Friday, February 16, 2007

My weekend with Drama Queen.

The minute Drama Queen opened the door I felt bad about being grumpy. I love her so much, and she had not seen her kids in over a month. This is very hard on her and I really should be more sympathetic. I enjoyed spending time with her last weekend. Before we left Wichita I took her by a few stores so she could get a few things. At a couple of places we shopped for birthday presents for the girls Curly Top was with us so she didn't get any surprises, but I think she liked it better that way. While the girls were school Friday I ran her around town so she could get a few things done and really enjoyed all of the time I spent with her. Friday night I went grocery shopping and dh took the boys to a ball game which left her with an evening alone with her children. When I got home I was very tempted to go into my room and hang out with the three of them, but this was their time so I stayed out until midnight when I went in to go to bed. Saturday we had a sleepover for the girls. D.Q. told me more than once that she was glad I let the girls have one because she would never do it. On Sunday the girls and I drove her back to Wichita. One incident did taint the whole weekend for me, but in usual fashion I have been ignoring it hoping it will go away. When I have time and stamina to explain fully I will.

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