Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Where have I been?

I wish I could say I haven't posted lately because I've been out trying knew and exciting things and really couldn't be bothered. I guess I could say that but it would be a complete lie. Two Fridays ago dh was out of town. My plans for the evening included a cup of tea and a good book. On the way home from work I stopped by Anna's house to chat for minute. The first thing she said was that her husband was working late and asked if I wanted to run to town with her to pick up something to drink.
We came home with a 2004 Cabernet Savignon and a California Riesling. Our plans were still simple. We were going to watch movies and drink a few glasses. Then her phone rang. Her husband and some friends invited us to come to the Country Club. The girls had already went to Grandma's house and the boys were watching movies so I went.
Now we don't really have a country club within 40 miles of here. They just think they're clever by calling our little one room bar that. It is really called The Cantina. The place is so small that whenever somebody is shooting pool on the only pool table, which has to be right in the center, anyone sitting at any of the tables that line the walls have to constantly move to accommodate the pool sticks. We didn't stay long. We're too old to think it is more fun to sit in a smoky room paying to much for beer and talk than it is to sit at home and talk. So we left and by midnight Anna and I had finished off both bottles of wine. I woke up at seven to leave for work. It was cold out but I didn't notice it much. My keys weren't on their usual hook. Were did I leave them? Oh yeah, they are in my coat pocket. The coat I left at Miss Universes house a few days ago. I walked to her house let myself in with my key grabbed my coat and walked back to work. When I walked in the door at work it hit me. I was terribly hung over. Muscle fatigue and vomiting every few minutes made work very hard but I made it. Luckily Saturdays are only half-days.
At home I toasted two pieces of bread and collapsed in Princess's bed to slowly eat them and have a nap. My bed was covered in children who were taking turns playing the x-box and reading. After my nap I felt much better. I cooked eggs and toast for all then we went to the movies. I watched Ghost Rider which was a good movie at the time, but not memorable now. The following week was fairly uneventful.

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