Thursday, February 01, 2007

Phone calls

Miss Universe called me last night and from her very first word I could tell she was exhausted. She likes to talk on the phone when she is tired. When I'm tired I can't stand phone calls, I answer the phone doing my Dorothy Parker impression. "What fresh hell is this?" I grumble as I search for a cordless phone that is usually found lying under the couch cushion. Unless of course it has been left on then it the cell that is answered and I am given instructions to turn off my damn phone.
This time though I am not tired and the phone is in its base where it belongs. She was tired though so we had the silliest of conversations.

M.U.: My dryer is broke so I have gathered up all my laundry to take to the laundromat tomorrow .

Me: Why don't you just use my dryer?

M.U.: There is way too much, it'll be faster to go to the laundry and get it all done at once. Do you want to go?

Me: Yeah sure, what time are you going?

M.U.: You don't have to go if you don't want to.

Me: I just said I would go.

M.U.: Yes, but you didn't seem very excited about it.

Me: It's the laundromat. Nobody is excited about it.

M.U.: Then don't come. You don't have to come.

Me: I just said I wanted to go.

M.U.: No don't come if you don't really want to. I only wanted you to come if it was something you really wanted to do. You don't have to come.

Me: It's the laundromat!

She didn't say any of this in an angry or petulant tone. It was all delivered in a calm unemotional manner which made it even sillier. It turns out that she fixed her dryer by pulling all of the frozen lint out of the exhaust vent. So neither of us went to the laundromat.

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