Thursday, February 08, 2007

I'm a little grumpy today

I'm making a quick trip to Wichita today to pick up Drama Queen. The girls both had a birthday this week and she wants to come down and spend the weekend with them. I don't mind the drive to get her, but knowing I'm going to spend a whole day driving when I have so much to do is driving me crazy. The girls are having a slumber party this weekend. That means I have to clean this place up, do invitations, shop for snacks, and make a cake. All of that has to be fit around work on Saturday morning, and getting Lee's passport started. I'm going to miss Jason's scholars bowl meet today which makes me angry every time I think about it.
I know I should be more patient, and I usually am. For some reason this whole trip is grating on my nerves. Back in December it seemed like I was driving to Wichita on a weekly basis to pick her up or drop her off, and it didn't bother me as much as this one trip is. It has been over a month since I went so I really should be handling this better. Part of it is that I am feeling a little overwhelmed with all of the crap I'm supposed to be handling right now. Part of it is may be that I am not looking forward to Drama Queen's visit. That is a horrible thing to admit since I really do love my sister. It is just that she has been very critical lately every time I talk to her. She issues orders on how to handle situations with the kids and is constantly saying that she is going to have to straighten them out when she gets them back. I know her criticizing and demands are a way for her to feel like she is still taking some responsibility in her children's lives, but that doesn't make it easier for me to swallow.
It is odd when an unscheduled day of work feels like a vacation. Yesterday I was called into work at the last minute. It was such a light work day I had all of my work done by lunch time. I had to be there after lunch, but didn't have much to do. Instead of pacing around trying to look busy I broke the rules and sat at my desk and read. I am reading One day the Ice Will Reveal All of its dead. It was the perfect book to read on a cold day indoors. I was reading about the icy terrain in Greenland and every time someone opened a door freezing air rushed in on me. The office is always cold anyway since there are no south facing windows. So I hugged my cup of tea and read for two hours with only a few customer interruptions. I kind of wish I had to work today.

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