Wednesday, February 08, 2006


I have said many times that teachers are underpaid. Until this year though I don't think I really meant it. One day a friend of mine and I figured up what she made an hour. We took into consideration all of the time she spent getting projects ready at home and grading papers. Hourly it came to a little over two dollars an hour. Whenever a certain rush regurgitator would start talking about teachers being overpaid I would bring up this example. Still I don't think I had ever stopped to look at the profession itself enough to really mean it.
Over the last few weeks other school board members and I have been talking to teachers from different districts about what makes a good administrator. Most of them have said something to the effect that what they need is a leader and a motivator to help them to continue to grow and become better teachers. How many of us would think to say that is what kind of a boss we want? I have much more respect for the profession of educators now than I did a month ago.

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