Monday, February 20, 2006

Communal family

My sister is staying with us and suffering from a massive case of insomnia. We are reaping the rewards; my house has not been this clean in ages. I always imagined having someone else stay in our house with us would get on my nerves simply because I prefer to be alone. Actually it has been very pleasant. I have started getting up earlier to have some time to myself. This has made me more productive in general. I am trying to talk her into moving in with us permanently, but she wants me to move in with her instead. We are at an impasse.
I have always saw the benefits of building a separate houses all connected to a central kitchen and having my whole family move in with me. As the years go by I like the idea more and more. We are a close family so I believe it would work. Sure we would all get on each others nerves now and again. That would be the time to retreat into our separate little houses and lock the door to the kitchen.

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