Friday, February 17, 2006



I was determined not to use this only as a space to vent, but not that determined so let's go.
At the skating rink last week two boys got into a fight. The instigator of this fight is what I call a passive/aggressive bully. He hits kids when they aren't looking, lies, and tries to get people in trouble. He only fights kids smaller than him, and still usually loses.

He threw a hockey puck at the back of another kid's head. This other kid is sitting in a chair texting when he is hit. He then does what most jr. high boys would do and throws the puck back. The instigator then attacks him physically. He once again does what most boys would do and starts kicking the instigator's ass.
Now of course this is not the fault of the boy who threw the puck first or who threw the first punch. At first it was the fault of the other boy. The instigator's mother, we'll call her b.f.D.G., goes to the home of the first boy and starts to chew him out. Until his mother comes out and lines her out. Okay, she can't bully this kid, so who's fault will it be. Now it is the fault of another boy that was there. His parents are quiet immigrants who don't speak English.
He manipulated and intimidated this fight into existence from his seat. He could do this because he is a powerful gang leader. Most Saturday nights you will find him and his friends sitting at a small town skating rink texting girls. That is one lame ass gang.

Last night at a board meeting she told lied repeatedly, flat out making things up at some points. It came down to the fact that I was a horrible manager because I wouldn't kick out every kid that doesn't get along with her son. Luckily in a small town reputations will usually speak for themselves, so no one took her seriously. With people like her in town though it makes it hard for anyone to step out and try to help the youth, because it is just setting yourself up as a target.

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