Sunday, February 26, 2006

A lovely sunday

Has it really been six days since I posted last? The last few days have been busy, so I can excuse them. Before that though I just had trouble finding any private time to post. I work Friday and Saturday nights at the skating rink. Saturday morning I work at the post office.
Yesterday in between my two Saturday jobs I went and watched two of my sons play in a basketball tournament. They played really well, I was very proud of them.
In between ball games I finished up The Constant Princess by Philippa Gregory. I have read that other readers have not enjoyed this one as much as The Other Bolyen Girl, but I really did like it. I can see that this one reads a little more like a history book. So if you are in the mood for something that feels like pure fiction this book may be disappointing. If like me you like a lot of history mixed in with your fiction this is a good read. Curiously I have criticized Jean M. Auel for doing the same thing I am defending Philippa for doing.
I think the Clan Of The Cave Bear series lost their appeal when she started adding in more historical fact and lost the flow of the story. If during a story you stop and say 'wow, she really did some research here.' you may as well be reading a history book.
I had a dinner party here this afternoon. That meant grocery shopping had to be squeezed in at some point. I had planned to go Friday morning, but I ended up babysitting and driving my number 2 sister home, (two hours one way) so that day was out. I left Saturday night around 11:30 for the 45 minute drive to the store. I made it back at 2:00 a.m., put up groceries and started the brisket. It cooked for 5 hours while I slept.
This morning I woke up and made bread dough so it could rise while I was at church. If I didn't teach Sunday School I may have skipped today. The house smelled so good this morning it was hard to leave. I really needed to clean up a little bit too, but decided to just rush through it later.
After church I gave the kids left over peanut butter/chocolate candy for breakfast, yeah, we're real nutritionists here, and started rushing through the cleaning and bread baking.
The bread turned out really good. It was French bread made with half stone ground wheat flour and half white flour. The brisket juice must have leaked out on the bottom of my oven, because by the time my guest showed up the house was filling with smoke and the fire alarm was blaring. We opened up all of the doors while they poured us all a glass of white wine.
The wine was actually the reason we were having dinner. Last month on our way home from Cripple Creek we stopped at a little shop to taste some wine. We split the cost of a bottle of riesling/Chardonnay from Colorado and decided to share it over dinner. This was the first day we all could get together to drink it. My number 1 sister (ranking is done purely by birth order)and her husband weren't with us on the trip, but I rarely have anything at my house without making sure they can make it. Not only is my sister my best friend they are the most fun couple I know.
The party turned out great. We ate and drank our white wine and another bottle of red my sister had picked up. We talked and laughed for hours. My mom and brother stopped by after we had already started eating, we had plenty of food so they fixed a plate and hung out with us. My brother brought me a wine journal, which we started filling out as soon as the table was cleared. After everybody had left there were some evening hours left with nothing left to do but relax. I am going to go in and start A handmaid's tale by Margaret Atwood.

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