Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Surprise party

My oldest son is in the eighth grade. Tomorrow is his birthday,and all the celebration he wants is to go to the movies. That part of him growing up is great. I'd rather go to the movies than have a party for a bunch of little kids any day. That said, I am still a little sad at him being to grown up to take cupcakes for school. The other night I was lying in bed remembering how when he was little he wanted the same dirt cakes with worms every year. The last few years he has just had me order pizza for his class at lunch time, but now he thinks he is even too old for that.
That night I decided I needed one more party before high school. I would make dirt cupcakes and surprise him at school. Tonight after everyone went to sleep I was frosting them. Wouldn't you know it he picked tonight to wake up and wander into the kitchen. "Those better not show up at school" He said with a scowl. Luckily I hadn't started adding the worms or dirt yet, those will still be a surprise.

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