Friday, September 01, 2006

Jason's first jr. high football game was last night. They played well, and won, which was nice because bonfire followed the game. This morning he was tired and tried so hard to stay home sick. It turns out he didn't have his homework done. Kids. My nephew is home sick, well not really home, he is here. He is huggy bears brother so they are both here for the day.
I am making my first loaves of sourdough bread today. I made my starter three weeks ago and have been giving it time to develop a good flavor. I am firing up my cob oven and baking outside since it is still in the nineties here. The weather is still not being governed by the school year.
The weather may be the last thing holding out though. Try to find sandals, shorts, or swimming trunks this time of year and you may be in trouble. The aisles are filling with coats and Halloween supplies. Of course there are only 115 days until Christmas. On the first day of school I walked outside and two yellow leaves fluttered down to my feet. "Not you too." I shook my fist up at the tree. It was just messing with me though, all the rest of the leaves have stayed green and firmly in their place.
It felt so good to sleep in this morning. After dropping the kids of at school. Huggy Bear and I snuggled up in bed and slept until 10:15. I stayed up late last night talking to a friend who is separated. He just can't figure out how she just up and left him after seventeen years. He is the only one who hasn't seen how miserable she has been for the last five. Since I am friends with both of them I tried to keep the conversation focused on him and not let it go to talking about here. That was hard. After we were finished I started my bread dough, it is still not finished rising. The recipe said it would take 12 hours and it has only been eleven. I am just too used to rapid rise yeast.
When I finally did get to bed Jason and Curly Top were in my bed. Dh is off on his annual hunting/camping trip they do the first day of dove season every year. Today many innocent doves will be killed. Curly Top's turning and kicking finally drove Jason into her bed. I kept waking with a foot against my head.

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