Friday, September 08, 2006


Huggy Bear and I seem to be getting into a morning routine. When she hears me typing she climbs on my lap and kicks the keyboard away from my fingers a few times then turns around and cuddles up for a nap. Curly Top is home sick today. Her little tonsils are swollen and yellow, poor girl.
I have spent countless hours in the last few days going through our tub of pictures and putting some of them in frames and albums. I look at my boys and know they have grown but seeing them so little made me laugh and cry. Those little smiles missing front teeth;the chubby stages;chicken pox covered faces;first days of school;all of these days caught on film, but I worry about all that I missed. Will my memory be enough?
Our picture taking is very odd. Looking at the pictures I realized how ridiculous I am. Hundreds all taken on the same day. Sometimes only a hand has moved from one set to the next. Then I always get double prints. Lee was looking through the albums and said "All of our pictures are of the same thing."
Another thing I noticed was that pictures without people in them rarely make it into the album. Looking out over the Grand Canyon I think it would make a beautiful picture. Years later when I find that picture it gets tossed aside for yet another picture of my boys sitting on a rock.

What do people do with all of the trading size pictures of kids they went to school with? I think it would be different if we wouldn't have moved so often when I was a child. I see these pictures and remember the kids and their names, but I haven't seen them since grade school and the chances of meeting up with them again are slim. I don't have tons of memories with them either since I only knew most of them for one year. Still I can't bring myself to throw them away. These people gave them to me as gifts, I would feel terrible tossing them.

If you haven't checked out you really should. This guy is funny. Tunnel of Love is my favorite so far, but I haven't got through them all.

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