Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Game night

A day of sitting around with the family playing games is great fun. Especially with my family, who all happen to be crazy. I knew that is what my mom would like for her birthday because as our children grow older and our jobs more demanding we really don't take time out to play anymore. My mom has lived alone now for a year since my sister went to college and I think she likes it for the most part, but after raising six kids an empty house must feel a little too quiet at times. Of course she has temporary custody of a cat. The woman who has no patience for animals and can't stand the thought of one in the house now has a house cat. The rules of irony state that she must now fall in love with this cat and enjoy it as company. I half expected this to happen. She doesn't seem to have read these rules and is counting off the days until my sister comes to claim it.
My kids made two cakes and both of them were eaten by 8:00 last night. The brisket was gone within minutes of setting it on the table, and the pepper poppers didn't even make it that long. We really resemble a bunch of sharks in a feeding frenzy when we all get together.

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