Thursday, August 31, 2006

A weekend at home

It was so nice to have a weekend at home. I wish I was a better writer so I could convey the amount of craziness that takes place at our house. I'll try in a minute, but I'm not expecting the result to be outstanding. Every parent thinks their children are amazing so I'll try not to get gushy. As my children get older they are even more fun to be around. Lee and I went shopping last night and had a great time. I don't like shopping at the level most women do. Lee is the type of boy who loves shopping for himself but is ready to leave once his stuff had been found. At shoe and clothing stores I am always ready to leave before he is. That boy has a like for shoes that rivals my sister's. At the book store, he found a couple of video games and then breathed down my neck as I looked at the bargain books. We both love grocery shopping though. We laughed the whole night. The great thing is that I would have had just as much fun with any one of my boys. Here are a couple of conversations from the weekend.

Dh is at the computer playing poker. Jason is standing beside him, offering unwanted advice.
"Go away"
A few minutes later
"Get out of here!" this is shouted
"Okay I'll go, but I'm putting a curse on you." Jason utters this in a calm and serious voice. "You will lose the rest of this tournament." He walks away.
Three more hands are played. They are all lost.
"Please take the curse off me." Dh asks nicely.
From the kitchen Jason answers. "You had your chance to be nice, it's over."
Dh plays one more hand, loses.
"Please take off the curse. I'll let you stand by me."
"Anytime I want?"
"Yes, just hurry." dh pleads
"Okay" Jason agrees
"Why am I losing this hand? Didn't you take off the curse?"
"You started this hand before I removed it. You'll have to wait until the next hand to see results."
"Oh yeah, I forgot."

On Sunday I was laying in my bed reading. In walk Lee and Jason being very loud. "Please leave." I say. They get louder. "I am trying to read!" I scream. They leave. I settle back on my pillow and start to read. Not even a paragraph is finished before they return.
Jason is holding a guitar. Lee has a set of maracas. They start playing. Jason is singing. He sounds like a mixture of Jack Black and Adam Sandler. At first the song is random. Then they find a topic they can stick to. Jason is singing about his large crotch. Lee picks up the back up lines. Lane, Princess, and Curly Top come in the start jumping on the beds and dancing to the music. I am reduced to a pile of giggles on my bed. The book is discarded. They have stamina. The concert lasted a half an hour. That is a long time to sing one song on the same subject. Finally they leave and I pick Back When We Were Grownups by Anne Tyler up and read. I love my kids.

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