Friday, April 28, 2006

Don't become boring

I know a girl who used to be smart, fun, energetic, and creative. Over the past six months she has become a complete boor. What horrible drug has done this to her? The attention of boys. I may be being overly harsh on her, but that is truly the saddest trait the females of our species have. It irritates me in other women and I loathe it when I find it in myself. There may be a few women out there who don't have to fight this part of human nature, but most of us do at one point or another.
When asked if she would like to go somewhere, I can see the wheels turning in her head. She is thinking will he be there, or will he stop by or call while I'm out? Other conversation, about things that used to fascinate her wont hold her attention. She only wants to sit in a corner and daydream about the boy. Instead of using her time to plan and create great projects, like she used to, she plans where he will be and how she can casually run into him. 'What will I say?' she wonders. 'How will he respond?' If only she could see that in real life he isn't near as interesting to talk to as she imagines him to be. I'm not being mean here, very few could be that interesting, except maybe her. Perhaps I'm just being jealous, but I hate to see my friend throw so many projects to the side, and I'm worried about how foolish she will feel when she comes to her senses.
I should not worry too much, because she has a wonderful sense of humor. She has warned many young woman. 'When a man first notices you he sees you living your life for yourself. You are fascinating to him. Then you notice him noticing you, and you become obsessed with making sure he continues to notice you. You stop doing all the things that he first noticed about you. You quit living your life and become boring. Why would he stay interested in a boring woman?' She will see the irony in the very girl who said this becoming boring for a boy.

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