Tuesday, April 11, 2006

It was a beautiful day here, once the wind died down of course. We have been having our usual spring gales for the last few days. This evening it calmed down and was just perfect for playing outside. This seemed to be the general consensus around town; the streets were crawling with people. In the winter I take my walks late. After the kids are cleaned, fed and in bed I head out for a few miles. It is so quite, nobody else is walking, and really only a few random cars are seen. It is totally different in the Spring and Summer. We become a town of night people.
We are in track season now. I'm secretly glad I had to work today, track is my least favorite sport to attend in person. Those damn meets take all day.
tomorrow is the Easter egg hunt. I volunteered to take cookies. I also am supposed to be taking cupcakes to my son's class for his birthday. That means I'll be spending my night baking. I could have done that this evening, but who could drag themselves inside on a day like today?

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