Tuesday, April 18, 2006


Easter this year didn't feel like Easter at all. I had a great day, just not like a holiday should be. The most noticeable change was that we didn't have a sunrise service at church. We have a new preacher and he didn't want to do any of the things we usually do. We usually have a sunrise service, a breakfast, an Easter egg hunt, then morning services at 10:00 so everybody can get home to their families. This year it was just like every other Sunday, complete with me feeling no need to go to church.
At 11:oo I had already pulled the turkey out of the oven, started the potato salad, and sliced strawberries for shortcake. My younger sister called. She had got a d.u.i. the night before. Could I please go to Mom's get some proof of insurance, bring it to her, and drive her to get her car out of the impound lot? I got in my car to make the 35 mile drive to where she lives and realized it was a beautiful day for a drive.
The sun was shining, the young wheat fields were bright green, there wasn't a cloud in the sky. Even the cows looked picturesque. I turned up the radio and took off. Hold on loosely came on. This song is one of my guilty pleasures. Not that liking this song is a guilty pleasure, most people do. How I respond to it is the guilty part. When I'm alone I turn it up too loud and sing at the top of my lungs. Who could not be having a great time on a day like this, listening to music like this? While waiting for the guy to come and unlock the gate I told my sister about my latest mistake. We laughed at ourselves, it made us feel better. My brother rode home with me, I turned the music down, and we had good conversation. See, it was a great day, just not like Easter.
The girls had went to Spend the week with their mom, so the only kids who hunted eggs were my 10 year old son, and his 8 & 10 year old cousins. The three of them didn't get into finding eggs. They did it, just not with the joy I wanted to see.

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