Thursday, March 02, 2006

Things that I love

I was watering the grapevines in my back yard when I noticed a smell that I have always loved. My dryer vents into my backyard and the smell of hot dryer lint was filling the air. I can't explain what is so nice about the smell, but love it.
Later in the day I was loading more clothes into my dryer when I noticed that I could hear a lot of birds chirping. I stuck my head out my back door and sure enough up in the leafless elm tree were what looked like hundreds of birds. Loving the sound of birds is not unusual at all, but it is unfortunate for all the caged birds.
'Shake That' by Eminem has been stuck in my head for a week. Before my kids were old enough to pick their own music a little bit of Run DMC and the Beastie Boys was my only real exposure to rap or hip hop. Now at least 40% of what I listen to falls into these categories. Most people wouldn't guess that I love this song.

What I don't love is when I leave the room and a four year old publishes my blog in the middle of a post.

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