Sunday, March 26, 2006

Late night cookies

I was late for work this evening because I was talking to friends over a glass of wine and forgot to watch the clock. Running down the street, into my house and changing clothes was made tricky by my slight drunkenness. Fortunately I was only a few minutes late. Having a teenager learning to drive is nice; an eager designated driver at my beck and call.
Last night some of my friends sat around and drank while I was at work. I joined them, but they were only good for another half and hour. I was really in the mood to lose control, but not alone. After this afternoon I was all set to do it tonight, but I was foiled again. Nobody was doing anything tonight except my sister and her husband and they wanted me to babysit so they could go out together. Guess what I'm doing?
If I lived in a house of adults this would be a night of midnight margeritas. Instead it was a night of one o'clock cookies. We made double chocolate cookies and ate them hot off the pan with cold milk.

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