Tuesday, March 07, 2006


We took communion in church yesterday. Every time I take my glass of grape juice from the tray I think about how cool it would be to be Catholic. To believe that a drink of wine actually turned into Jesus' s blood would be great, and slightly cannibalistic. Forgive me if they don't believe that anymore, I have read that they do, but realize I could be wrong. Anyway communion is always slightly comical for our family. A few years ago I whispered this thought about the blood to my oldest son, Lee, right before the juice was passed. While we were holding our glasses waiting for everyone to get one he spilled his drink. He whispered to me that Jesus better be forgiving, what with him walking around all day his blood on his jeans.
Yesterday we all took our little piece of bread and were holding it while the preacher was praying over it. I dropped mine and it slipped down the front of my dress into my bra. I'm sure I didn't look to pious groping my own chest during church.

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