Monday, April 09, 2007


This morning I woke up, looked around the house and was glad to note that other than the dishes Easter was said and done. We had a great holiday. The only problem was that my brother and Miss Universe both had to work. The gray skies and snow falling didn't make it seem any less like Easter. Last year was a bright, sunny day and I just couldn't get into the Easter spirit, so attitude holds more sway with my holiday emotions than weather. It would have been nice if the snow would have accumulated so we could take pictures of colored eggs hiding in the snow. Since the snow wasn't picturesque we decided not to brave the cold we hid the eggs indoors instead. One of the perks of living in a small town is that with a simple application you can have a key to the school gym. We went down there to hunt eggs, and then stuck around to play soccer. When you are the uncoordinated bookworm in an athletic family you end up being the court jester. I completely missed the ball on a drop kick and was just grateful I managed to stay standing. We will be entertained with impressions of my kicking skills for at least a month.
Back to this morning. I put on the kettle on the stove and came over to the computer so I could finally get around to posting while the kids were asleep. Before I could click on the firefox icon the minesweeper on caught my eye. Minesweeper is my current game addiction. For years I wouldn't even attempt to play. It had a stigma of a game only people who were good at math could play. Math has never been my best subject;I muddled through it in school, but never excelled. About a week ago I read the rules and started playing it and was instantly obsessed. I have not won on the expert level yet. So instead of posting I found myself trying again. The tea kettle started to whistle. Do I let the whistle wake everyone up so I don't run the timer up? Quickly I decided that my objective is just to win not to get a good time so I ran and made myself a cup of tea. I sit back down and went to mark a bomb. The wrong finger clicks and the game is over. I start again. This time I am doing really well. My eye slips down to look at the clock, my tea should be done steeping. I remind myself I don't care about time. I go get my tea. Half way back to the computer the cup somehow manages to slip out of my hand and tea goes everywhere. Good thing I'm not worrying about time. After I get that cleaned up I go back to my game. Now the children are one by one waking up. Lee comes and sits by me while I play. I am at a hard spot with no clues that I notice. Two squares are next to each other one of them have to be bomb, the other can't be. Lee assures me that one square is not a bomb. I decide there is a seventy-five percent chance he is right. I resist marking it though. I recheck all my moves, nothing. It is hard to resist somebody three inches from my ear. I mark the bomb and click the square next to it, bomb, game is over.


Magic Bellybutton said...

I've had to completely avoid all the games on my computer. The internet is bad enough, but combined with games? Oh boy, so not enough hours in the day.

Lynn said...

I really am going to have to quit too. Admitting the problem is the first step.