Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Lane's birthday

Lane is eleven today. How odd it is to have my baby be so grown up. Next school year he will be in junior high. It doesn't seem like it has been eleven years since he was my nine pound baby. One day he is chubby mama's boy who loved to throw potatoes down the basement stairs for fun, then suddenly he is this little adolescent who is addicted to Law & Order.
This also means I am done with birthdays for the year, hallelujah. With Three in February then one in March and one in April, I am ready for a break. I think Lane's plans are for a sleep over this weekend. We have been raided by all of the boys in his class every year since second grade. I'm going to have to make a run for pop and chips.

Drama Queen is spending a week in jail right now. It is hard to think of her locked so I have been trying not to dwell on it. Last year during her rough patch she ended up with two drunk driving tickets. The irritating part is that she has had the last year to get her life back in order, and she has, but now they are sentencing her. Why wait until she had quit drinking and found a job to send her to jail? This really would have been more effective immediately. She has been planning for at least five days, since that was the minimum sentence, so I hope that the two extra days off won't hurt.

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