Sunday, January 09, 2011

Books, year in review

  • *A Study In Scarlet
  • *Living Dead In Dallas
  • *A Long Way Gone
  • *A Thousand Splendid Suns
  • *Mort
  • *Have His Carcass
  • *The Woman He Loved
  • *The Duchess of Windsor
  • *The Help
  • *The Atonement Child
  • *Across the River and Into the Trees
  • *Dead Until Dark
  • *Islands in the Stream
  • *The Nine Tailors
  • *In The Presence of My Enemies
  • *The Documents In The Case
  • *Look Again
  • *Persuasion
  • *The Survivors Club
  • *The Empty House
  • *Shades of Grey
  • *The Joy Luck Club
  • *Summer Island
  • *Hangover square
  • *Dreams from my father
  • *Brighton Rock
  • *Nineteen Minutes
  • *Wicked
  • *Infidel
  • *Come, Tell Me How You Live
  • *Hour of Gold,Hour of Lead:Diaries of Anne Morrow Lindbergh
  • *Ursula Under
  • *Slam
  • *Spud
These are the books I read in 2010. It was not a productive year in the reading category.  The only one I did not care for was The Atonement Child. The first half was good, but it went to shit after that. I would recommend Hangover Square to anyone, good book.

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