Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Not bad for a Monday

Mondays used to be my favorite day of the week. I worked Friday-Sunday. When I dropped the kids off at school Monday morning it was my chance to have some time to myself. Of course now it is summer, which means very little time to myself. On top of that I have been and will be working every Monday for an indefinite amount of time. To make my day a little more tiring my body decided yesterday would be a perfect day to start trolling for vampires.
After work I jumped into my van, which has a broke air conditioner, and went to get a chocolate shake. If I have to drive seventeen miles in 98 degree weather I want ice cream. The burger place I usually stop at was out of ice cream for the next hour. The convenience store didn't even sell ice cream bars. I grabbed a flavored water and drove home. When I made it home I realized it was going to be one of those rare evenings when everybody but me had something to do. Once I closed the door behind the last of my family I opened a bag of kisses with almonds and sat down to watch t.v. all alone.
My plans for the evening were to veg out for a minute while eating too much chocolate, wander over here and post on this neglected blog, go get my ass kicked in tennis, read a bit, and go to bed. Instead I answered the phone when it rang. Huggy bear's grandparents called, as they usually do when they are babysitting and I am home, and hinted that they would like me to come and get her. I pouted as I walked the block to their house. The minute I saw her smiling face, which really did light up when I walked in, I quit pouting and picked her up. We went home and ate the whole bag of kisses together. She handed me the almonds after sucking all of the chocolate off of them. I looked around for a napkin or plate to set them on, since nothing like that was within reach I just ate them.
The phone never stopped ringing so I ended up taking some lighter fluid down to Anna's house. We sat in her yard and drank a couple glasses of white wine while H.b. chattered on to the dog and cat. After dropping Huggy bear off with her dad I went to the school with Tams to check the renovations they are making in her room. We sat in the middle of the mess and talked about the idiots surrounding us. We often say the world would be a much better place if everybody would just do things our way.
Fria Chica and I went to play tennis. For once I won. We played two matches and I won them both. I cheered and did a Rocky impersonation. I like to think I didn't rub it in too much, but I probably did. Some might say I won because we have been playing almost every day for a few months and my skills have improved. It could be that my backhand is getting stronger, and I am gaining more control of the ball. Or it could be that the baby has dropped really low into the birth canal, she is effacing, and the nurse just that same day said the baby could come any minute now.
It does say something about my skills when a nine month pregnant lady has been beating me all month, and I still had to fight really hard to win this time. I am so glad she didn't have the baby last night. At least she can't say, 'yeah, but I was in labor.'

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