Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Super hero explanation and more.

Because of my dreadful lameness I am posting twice instead of risking breaking the the code by adding to that last post. Find out which superhero you are. I can't say I have given much thought as to which superhero I am most like, but I always secretly thought I would be Wonder Woman. Batman and Spiderman are my favorites, but not because I would like to be them, I'd like to date them. Ok, now I may be crossing the line on how much time should be spent thinking about fictional men.

School resumed today and I only had to work for a couple of hours this morning. When I walked back into my house I said outloud "It is good to be home, and alone." My family has been over several days to hang out for the holidays. It has been enjoyable, but now I am ready for some quiet and a turn on the computer. With seven people living here sharing the same computer I lose my turn often. This has been made worse because of the power outages.

This year I have spent time without electricity and time without water and I've got to say I missed the water more. Of course I have a gas stove and hot water heater so we were warm and didn't miss any hot meals like some people did. Before this storm hit I talked to my brother on the phone. He lives in Tuscon. I have got to say there is nobody more derogatory to the people who choose to live here in rural America than people who moved straight out of high school. We were on the tail end end of the first storm that hit Denver. We already had a few inches of snow from a local storm that came the day before, but still did not have any major problems. My brother told me his wife kept telling him he needed to call and check on us. He told her we were country and would just do things like burn our trash indoors for heat.
We do not actully burn our trash, we have it picked up and piled in a land fill like everyone else thank you very much. Other than that he was right. As a rule I keep enough food for two weeks on hand. When you live 45 minutes from the store you learn to keep your pantry stocked. As soon as the rain started we made a trip out for bread, milk, and sparkling wine for new years. Other than that we were set. Our roads are still sheets of ice covered in packed snow, but at least they are paved. In the early nineties we had a a foot of snow and only the two main streets in town were paved. I don't know how many times I lost my shoes in the deep mud the snow left as it melted. Ruts a foot deep were common. Once I was even ran over by a power wheel pickup. The boys were driving and the lost control when they hit a rather slick spot. There I was face first in the road trying not to suck in too much mud as I laughed at them trying to pull it off of me.

Now as proof that I am raising a house full of smartasses I offer up the following conversation.

Me: Hey, didn't I ask you to unload the dishwasher?

Jason: Yeah, I'm going to do it while your at the library.

Me: I'm not leaving for another twenty minutes. I'm going to reload it before I go.

Jason: (in an astonished voice) You can load the dishwasher in twenty minutes?

Me: Uhh... yeah.

Jason: Wow, just think how fast you could unload it.


Anonymous said...

I took the quiz. It says I'm the hulk. I don't think so.

Lynn said...

Man, I was only 45% hulk. If your quiz results are even slightly right I'm jealous. I would say I am green with envy, but only 45% green.