Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Natural building and business

You may have noticed by the amount of times I have mentioned cob that I am in love with cob building. This morning I found it thrilling to see that same love reflected back in the eyes of teenagers. The high school business teacher invited me in to help with a project on natural building. They are on the business ethics chapter and she wanted them to think about ways businesses could help the environment. We built a model size cob house together and had so much fun. Since I have only thought of cob building as it applies to housing the challenging part was trying to think of ways this could apply to business.
One point we think businesses should consider is that many consumers are looking at a companies track record before we spend our money with them. If they considered the environment before they built their buildings consumers would feel more comfortable buying from them. If by putting on a living roof, which could help filter rain water and reduce the heat put off by the building, they could give their employees a better work environment it would be a win/win situation. Natural building is also cheaper, which would help their bottom line. I am an optimist and believe we are moving forward in our treatment of the Earth. Someday we will live a better life because of it.

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