Thursday, October 12, 2006

I have to work.

My two weeks of working full time started today. Of course I was late. I forgot to take a sweater and the office was freezing, and I'm living through one of the worst haircuts I have ever got. My hair is growing out, but still looks bad. Lee is probably grumpy because I had to leave today before I could put his contacts in. He is wearing his glasses which he hates. How all of these things can add up to a great dayI don't know, but I am feeling very cheerfull.

There is a bottle of Moscato D'Asti in my fridge. It has been chilling out in there for over a month waiting for me to drink it. I have a freind on call waiting to drink it with me, but we never can coordinate our schedules. If I have time she is working or babysitting her granddaughters. If she has time I am doing goodness knows what, but it's always something.

Last night Princess kept every one up way past their bedtime. She had walked into a room where here little sister was watching a movie. It was a scary movie aimed at children. She was only in there for about five minutes. Lee was sensitive to scary movies as a child, but he would run out of a room if one was on. Princess has to be physically turned away from the television. She would not go to sleep for fear of having a bad dream. Finally whe was calmed down and we all slept and no bad dreams.

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