Wednesday, February 15, 2012

I. need. sleep.

Monday night was a overlong school board meeting; we are dealing with major budget cuts, which means some positions may have to go. That is not the subject of this post though, that is just to set up why I am so damn tired and cranky. After working the next day I drove 45 miles to watch Jason and Lane play basketball, picked up groceries and pizza and drove home. It was 11:00 and I was ready for bed. A friend was at my house waiting for me. Her and her husband had been in a fight. I wanted her to stay with me, but she knew this was the first place her husband would look. I drove her 17 miles, that is the closest hotel, and bought her a room. I climbed into bed at 1:30 in the morning. At 5:30 her husband called. At 6:30 my alarm went off, I didn't have to work today but Jason wanted woke up early. He didn't get up. At 7:00 my alarm went off again. I tried to rouse the troupe, I hit snooze just in case. Ten minutes later half of them were up. At 7:35 I was screaming "Get out of your fucking beds and go to school." I drove everybody but Jason to school.
It turns out Jason was actually feeling terrible and needed to see a doctor. He has bronchitis. I picked my friend up while we out and drove her to her house. I am not sure if she is gathering her stuff to move back to Miami or if she has decided to stay. After dropping her off I came home for a shower, cup of tea, and time to watch the newest Daily Show and Cobert Report. I need to get dressed and walk over to check on her. Jason has an awards banquet tonight so I will drive 45 minutes there, but the food is supposed to be great, I doubt they serve wine, which is what I want.

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