Thursday, July 19, 2007

Our government sucks

I don't watch a ton of news just because the media pisses me off. Even with the limited amount of news I take in I have managed to come up with an amazing amount anger aimed at our government. If I watched more news I would probably be a walking fireball of hatred. I don't write on politics often because I am not versed enough to speak well on the subject, and other bloggers Wil Wheaton's blog and scroll down to Please don't be afraid if you want to know how I feel about our nifty color coded terror alerts. There is a link in the places I visit column if you need it. It was posted on July 11th so you may need to scroll awhile. On your way down you will see a post about playing chess on roller coasters. I have been planning to do this and am a bit sad that so many people have already beat me to it.

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